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travel / 14.03.2017

London And so we arrive back in London. Departing from my train, I take my first step back on British soil, with rain hurling down on me, jellied eels in hand and a cockney swagger back in my walk, I smile wide, ah Britannia, how I’ve missed you. My first taste of food writing was via my blog ‘Alex’sfood’, much of the material of which I gathered from eating my way around London. Here I would post restaurant reviews, write recipes and at times rant on food related topics. One...

food / 06.03.2017

The cauliflower is an interesting one. It's the type of vegetable from one's childhood; just boiled as an afterthought, left till last on your plate, but forced to eat before leaving the table. As you take a sip of water for Dutch courage you reluctantly nibble away, until the ordeal is over, but an ordeal that has resigned your only remaining memories of the meal to that of the faint sense of bitter cabbage hidden in the form of the evil mushy white broccoli pretender. But the cauliflower has had a revival. You'll be...