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Buckwheat porridge

What a cracking way to kick off your plant based day this buckwheat porridge is. We all know that porridge is one of the best ways to start one’s day, but by mixing and matching your grain and choice of (nut) milk you can transform a breakfast we once had because we thought we should to something we have because we want.

This Buckwheat Porridge will keep you well and truly sated until lunchtime; I mean I’m still full from it now, and I write this a few days later! Ok fine, I have had a few lunches and dinners since then, but I still reckon it’s down to the porridge..


Buckwheat; I don’t measure, but usually enough to cover the base of a small saucepan + a little more for luck
Nut milk of your choice (I had some Rude Health Coconut milk)


Nut Butters
Vanilla extract
Flaked almonds
Creativity (what do you mean “cringe”!?)

Buckwheat Porridge:

1.  To start, you have to get your Buckwheat Groats (lol, groats) soaking. Cover with a generous helping of water, leaving to soak overnight. All that’s left to do at this point is dream peacefully in the knowledge that come the morning you’ll be but half an hour away from a warming bowl of Buckwheat Porridge. Sweet dreams folks.

2.  Now you’ve awoken and you’ve had your morning wee (which will confuse you, you’ll probably think to yourself “why do I always need a wee after a waterless 8 hours!?” — make sure to get your 8 hours folks!), you’ve made your hair look fairly presentable to the outside world just in case Postman/woman comes knocking and of course, most importantly, you’ve popped your slippers on, it’s time to rinse your buckwheat till that weird buckwheat gloop stuff has gone.

Rinsing grains

3. Back in your pan, pan fry your buckwheat to bring out it’s nuttiness and then proceed to covering your groats with the nut milk of your choice by about double. But by all means, if you prefer a runnier, milkier type porridge then add a lil’ more milk, if you like it stodgy, a bit less. You can always add more as the buckwheat starts to soak up the milk. Just see how it goes.

Buckwheat and coconut milk

4. Bring to the boil, then cover and simmer. Depending on your groats, this should take about 20 minutes. If your groats aren’t cooked upon all of the milk being evaporated, just add a splash more and keep going.

5. Whilst this is going on, you want to get your extras ready. Toast your nuts, chop your dates, make sure your nut butters are on hand.

6. When your buckwheat is cooked to your liking, add a few spoonfuls of nut butter (I had cashew, almond and of course, the rather ubiquitous peanut) and stir in. I love nuts and their butters, so our house is like a factory, but if you are running low, this step can be skipped. I just think it adds a creaminess to it all. Go in with a little vanilla extract as well if you like. I like, so I did! Oh and some ground cinnamon always goes down well. I did a while back even add a drop of coffee liquor but then thought it’s something an alcoholic would probably do.


7. Serve up in a bowl and top with your nuts, your nut butters, your dates and whatever else you have to go in. Mine turned out surprisingly pretty if I do say so myself, but let’s face it, I only made the effort being the Instagram slave that I have become!

Buckwheat porridge


Flavour fun; I’d really love some of your own ideas on how to spice (not literally) your porridge up. Please pop your suggestions in the comment box below. As for my own ideas, I’ve yet to try, but with Chrismas approaching, I have come up with a Mulled inspired porridge. Add a cinnamon stick and a few stars of anise as you are simmering your buckwheat, and finish with some orange rind. But I’m sure you lot can do better, so hit me with your favourite porridge alternatives. How about a chocolate orange flavour buckwheat porridge. Ooh ye, that may be next for me.

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See y’all in a few days.

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