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food, healthy eating, plant-based, vegan / 15.11.2016

To call this dish a ratatouille may be to disrespect the long tradition of this wonderful French vegetable dish… but call it a ratatouille I will. I'm a massive rebel, I know. So last weekend I had another mental saturday night planned, what being the party animal that I am, when my parents asked if I'd like to help out with their dinner party that same night. As much as I love getting hammered with the lads and chatting up girls, I thought, perhaps just this once, I'll stay...

food, healthy eating, plant-based, recipes, vegan / 07.11.2016

Welcome to the first recipe post here at Tofu and Tempeh. Like the 22nd of November 1963 or the 9th of November 1989, I think it's unlikely you'll forget where you were on this historic day! How curious, it seems all the major events of the world fall in November! Anyway, enough nonsense, let's talk borlotti shall we. If there is a more beautiful bean in the world, then I haven't seen it and let me tell you, my pulse consumption is off the charts. They can be hard to come by...