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travel / 22.11.2016

So just to go over what Travel Tuesdays is going to be in case anybody missed the previous post (what, seriously!?), I shall be posting weekly segments from my very own e-book 'Travel like a Foodie'. This week's section looks out my somewhat pathetic two month stint at catering college. It doesn't so much give an inside look at what goes on at these sorts of colleges but instead, really just tells the story of a boy with too much of a sensitive disposition to make it in the...

travel / 11.11.2016

With the advent of President Trump, the downright miserable weather and of course the changing shape of Toblerone*, this week has left little to celebrate. Thankfully I am on hand with the introduction of Travel Tuesdays (starting next week, I am aware I write this on a Friday!). *I realise this may be an insular reference, but trust me, people are losing their sh*t over it! One of my ambitions is to live the life of a nomad. Taking my work with me, funding my travels not just as a...