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Moroccan inspired Ratatouille

To call this dish a ratatouille may be to disrespect the long tradition of this wonderful French vegetable dish… but call it a ratatouille I will. I’m a massive rebel, I know.

So last weekend I had another mental saturday night planned, what being the party animal that I am, when my parents asked if I’d like to help out with their dinner party that same night. As much as I love getting hammered with the lads and chatting up girls, I thought, perhaps just this once, I’ll stay in and make some dips.

Oh yes, I just remembered, I got that the wrong way round, I always make dips on a saturday and never go and party.

I made a baba ganoush, a hummus (of course) and an experiment of a cake; olive oil, carrots, pistachios which was perhaps more fun to make than it was to eat. But the star of the show was the Moroccan inspired ratatouille, as made by my very own dad. Now as Daddy Alex does’t blog, I thought I’d nick his recipe for myself. Anyway, once I make my fortune from this blog, he can expect a small monetary slice coming his way (and I do mean small Dad before you get any big ideas!).

Morrocan Ratatouille

Ingredients: to serve 4 (as a side)
1 Onion, finely sliced
1 Garlic clove, crushed
1 Red Pepper, sliced
1 Aubergine, sliced into semi-moons
1 Courgette, sliced into semi-moons
4 Tomatoes, quatered
Cinnamon Bark
Chilli Powder
Optional; Pine nuts, Pistachios, Fresh Coriander, Preserved lemons, Dried chillies, Sultanas or dates

  1. In a nice big saucepan, sweat of your onion and garlic with a generous glug of oil. You can pop in some dried chillies here if you are that way inclined. In the meantime, heat up your griddle pan.


      2. When your griddle is suitably hot, well, get griddling. You want to griddle your veg individually (leave the tomatoes) and    get a nice char on, don’t be afraid of the griddle, griddle them veg right up! I quite like to season each round of vegetables lightly with pinch of smoked salt, or just salt, whatever you have on hand.


     3. Add your vegetables into the garlic and onion pan, and pop in your tomatoes along with a drop of water to help bring the dish together. Now go in your spices, a teaspoon of smoked paprika and a sprinkling of chilli powder. Cover and simmer until your vegetables have softened. To add something a bit different, you can add some finely chop some preserved lemons, but be aware, too much can overpower.


       4. In go your extras, we went for pine nuts and pistachios, but just improvise, go mad, let your imagination run wild.


There we have it, a beautifully simple dish, packed with flavour. I was definitely hogging this dish at the dinner party! Nice one Dad!

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See you next time,

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