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plant-based, ramblings / 20.11.2016

Right, please stay with me on this one, it all comes together in the end! Sort of. Richard Dawkins once predicted a post-armageddon future. One that saw rodents roam the world triumphant in a human-less world. I would suggest alongside a couple of headless cockroaches knocking about as well. To quote Dawkins, "I have a post-Armageddon vision. We and all other large animals are gone. Rodents emerge as the ultimate post-human scavengers. They gnaw their way through New York, London and Tokyo, digesting spilled larders, ghost supermarkets and human corpses and turning...

food, healthy eating, plant-based, vegan / 15.11.2016

To call this dish a ratatouille may be to disrespect the long tradition of this wonderful French vegetable dish… but call it a ratatouille I will. I'm a massive rebel, I know. So last weekend I had another mental saturday night planned, what being the party animal that I am, when my parents asked if I'd like to help out with their dinner party that same night. As much as I love getting hammered with the lads and chatting up girls, I thought, perhaps just this once, I'll stay...

travel / 11.11.2016

With the advent of President Trump, the downright miserable weather and of course the changing shape of Toblerone*, this week has left little to celebrate. Thankfully I am on hand with the introduction of Travel Tuesdays (starting next week, I am aware I write this on a Friday!). *I realise this may be an insular reference, but trust me, people are losing their sh*t over it! One of my ambitions is to live the life of a nomad. Taking my work with me, funding my travels not just as a...