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travel / 28.02.2017

So with the reviews bit done, now for something completely different. Well not completely, it'll will of course still be within the food related realm, but I saw a chance at a Python reference and I took it! My top tips to avoiding the touristy, rip off places that ravage the culinary landscape of many cities (too dramatic?) 1) Don’t talk to strange men wearing bow ties As well as being a brilliant life lesson, this tip will also help you steer clear of rubbish restaurants: avoid strange men wearing bow ties....

food, recipes / 25.02.2017

So I was thinking how despite the name of my blog, a name that would fairly suggest a level of tofu and tempeh based recipes, that I have posted a disappointingly and rather confusing lack of such. To help restore the balance, I come to you with a very fine tofu inspired dish, crispy and golden in its panko shell of which hides the glorious flavour sponge that is tofu within. I give you panko breaded tofu green curry. Enjoy! Panko breaded tofu (serves 2-3) Tofu, 350g Panko, 1/2 cup Brown rice flour, 2 tbsp Non...

travel / 21.02.2017

And so we arrive at Osteria Francescana, the flamboyant peak to this month of foodie indulgence. Osteria Francescana Via Stella, 22, 41121 Modena MO, Italy Approaching my final week of travel, Osteria Francescana was set to be the crescendo of the trip. Having re-arranged my whole visit to Italy, not to mention keeping a tight check on my student loan during my first year of university (not as to avoid going into overdraft so much, but to pay for this one meal), I was expectant. Nervously excited; nervous because I feared...