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food / 08.02.2017

To start, I must apologise for the past week where I shamefully neglected my blogging duties. I have let you, my loyal readership down, I have let the good name of tofuandtempeh down and I have let myself down. It's not an exaggeration to say that literally tens of people were affected by this...

travel / 07.02.2017

Sorry about last week, Travel Tuesdays completely escaped my mind. You see, I was off to see Black Sabbath and my mind clearly couldn't comprehend two such polarising concepts that are food tourism and the occult! But back in Italy for this week. I review one of my most memorable meals from my trip, in part due to the restaurants rather eccentric characters. It was like being in an Italian sitcom, set in a restaurant. Hey, what a great idea, and anyone from the BBC reading, I own copyright to what I call The Italian...

ramblings / 24.01.2017

And so we reach the final leg of my journey, two weeks in fabulous Italy. I've decided to divide this into a few parts as, in all honesty, it's a bit long winded! Italy I figured I could roll all of my findings of Italian cuisine into one bumper section, partly because if I'm honest, I’m finding it hard to mentally separate Rome from Venice and Modena from Bologna in terms of food. This might be further evidence of my disorganised methods or sieve-esque memory, but perhaps it’s quite telling of what...