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food, Uncategorized / 23.01.2017

N.B. I began developing this recipe around Christmas time and wrote the introduction to this post at the same time*, therefore please excuse the rather belated festive theme. Oh and merry Christmas of course! *and I'm too lazy to something new! As is becoming tradition now, my parents decided to leave their children (apart from my little sister.. the spoilt little..!) for Christmas/Chanukah and head off somewhere sunny for the holiday period. With my brother preferring to spend Christmas with his girlfriend and her family for the second year running, it was once again but...

food, recipes / 19.01.2017

I have never really understood steamed vegetables. When I see people serve their dinner with what I have always assumed was just a lazy helping of steamed potatoes and carrots, it just seemed like such a waste to me. Fair enough, steaming is usually the optimum cooking method with regard to retaining nutrients that are often lost during the cooking process, but I always try to strike the balance between optimising both flavour and nutrition. But I wanted to give the steamed vegetable a fair shot, and so sought to come up with...

travel / 17.01.2017

Travel Tuesdays hits Prague! Some good food to be found in this wonderfully interesting city. My pre-conceptions of Czech food had room only for Goulash and perhaps some decent bread, surprised was I then to find quite a vibrant vegan community. But as I say, these travel tales come from my pre plant based days, so I didn't explore that scene as much as I would if I were to visit now. Anyway, much of this segment focuses on my anxieties, which seemed to be thriving in Prague...