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food, recipes, Uncategorized / 13.01.2017

Oh Falafel, how I love thee. Too long living with the mediocrity that is the shop brought falafel, I thought the time had come to have a go at the art of falafellery (haven't checked, but pretty sure falafellery is in the dictionary) myself. The result as compared to the shop brought pretenders really was chalk and (*cashew) cheese (*being a plant based blog and all that!) Once you bite into the crisp shell to find the pillow of spiced chickpea mixture within, you won't be able to eat...

travel, Uncategorized / 10.01.2017

For this week's edition of Travel Tuesdays, we/I head to Vienna.. enjoy. (Just to say again for any newcomers, Travel Tuesday exhibits weekly segments from my 2014 e-book 'Travel Like a Foodie", which were times BPB - before plant based). Vienna As I try and remember what I did in Vienna, all that comes to mind is not being able to find a schnitzel befitting Viennese reputation, eating many a torte and, because I’m so cultured (clearly) attending a concert of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Oh and of course, Vienna the home...

ramblings / 09.01.2017

Something a bit different today. As Monday morning rears it's ugly head once more, I wanted to ramble on about something I call the post holiday blues. You know, that slight sinking feeling one gets upon returning home after a holiday, or perhaps returning to work after the festive period. The Post Holiday Blues Ye, I woke up this mornin’ Feelin' fine, But I came home from holiday and I've got the post holiday blues Ye, I said, I woke up this mornin'! Right, enough of that! Don’t worry, I'm not here to announce the release of...