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food, recipes / 30.12.2016

In my quest to make the brussel sprout more than just the butt of jokes in the vegetable world, I bring to you the second recipe in this very mini series of brussel recipes. Today I have for you an Indian Thoran, a coconut based dish usually prepared with cabbage. Left however with the last remaining brussel survivors in my fridge, I thought they may well work in this dish instead...

food, recipes / 28.12.2016

Now Christmas is but a speck in the recent past, only remnants of the day strewn across houses of the world; torn wrapping paper littering lounges, recycling bins filled to the brim with empty bottles of sherry, and of course, leftover bags of brussel sprouts cluttering the fridges of many a family wilfully obeying the tradition that is the Christmas sprout, despite finding the things almost uneatable! Opening the fridge come boxing day, I spot in a deep crevice of the vegetable drawer a small bag of sprouts, having escaped the attention of I...

travel / 27.12.2016

After a slack Christmas period in terms of my blogging output, I at long last return, renewed of life with festive zeal and Christmas vigour, on hand with new recipes from my rather untraditional Christmas meal, which won round my initially sceptical sister. But for now, as it is Tuesday, I shall kick off this post Christmas blogging buzz with everyone's favourite (no, ok, fine) Travel Tuesday's. In which, for any newcomers, I recount my 2014 European, pre plant based eating adventures from my very own e-book 'Travel Like a Foodie'. Today we...