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recipes / 19.12.2016

Our house is currently a building site. This was fine for a while, until those pesky builders started meddling in my/my Mum and Dad's kitchen. I mean come on, I have vegetables to chop, hummus to make, falafel to eat. So for the last few days, it has either meant eating out, having ready meals, or coming up with quick easy meals that don't require time nor fresh ingredients to prepare. Now, I'm all for soaking and preparing dried pulses, not only is it a more economical way of getting...

travel / 06.12.2016

So we arrive in Paris, the first leg of my journey, a journey that will take me right through to Rome. As a reminder, back in 2014, I hadn't embarked on my plant based life, so don't be confused by my definitely not plant based food choices. From memory, I can't remember there being too many plant based choices in the restaurants in Paris. Though I'm sure there are specialised places, the standard places one passes in Paris all seemed to stick on some cheese, or a bit of meat...

recipes / 05.12.2016

What a cracking way to kick off your plant based day this buckwheat porridge is. We all know that porridge is one of the best ways to start one's day, but by mixing and matching your grain and choice of (nut) milk you can transform a breakfast we once had because we thought we should to something we have because we want. This Buckwheat Porridge will keep you well and truly sated until lunchtime; I mean I'm still full from it now, and I write this a few days later! Ok fine, I...