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ramblings / 29.11.2016

Welcome back to Travel Tuesdays; everyone's favourite time of the week… except the weekend, oh and maybe Friday and probably Thursday because that's the day you get over the hump of the week, and Monday's if it's a bank holiday. Anyway, in this edition, I introduce the trip ana bit about myself. You'll read of my thoughts on food and travel and learn of my social anxiety and my mental nights out (I mean in) spent at university. Enjoy.   The trip Right, onto the trip. My attempts of professional cooking then had been...

ramblings / 27.11.2016

Well the festive season is approaching, at least if advertising is to be trusted, and for us Jews this means Chanukah (or Hanukah or even Hannukah, no one truly knows!), which like Christmas, of course means remembering the baby Jesus… oops, no it doesn't, I  meant presents. But like Adam Sandler sings in the Chanukah song, the Jewish Christmas surpasses its Christian counterpart because "Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights'. And yes Adam, Chanukah is indeed a lot of Fun-ukah! P.S. I'm only joking about...

travel / 22.11.2016

So just to go over what Travel Tuesdays is going to be in case anybody missed the previous post (what, seriously!?), I shall be posting weekly segments from my very own e-book 'Travel like a Foodie'. This week's section looks out my somewhat pathetic two month stint at catering college. It doesn't so much give an inside look at what goes on at these sorts of colleges but instead, really just tells the story of a boy with too much of a sensitive disposition to make it in the...