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Panko breaded tofu green curry

Panko Breaded Tofu + Green Curry

So I was thinking how despite the name of my blog, a name that would fairly suggest a level of tofu and tempeh based recipes, that I have posted a disappointingly and rather confusing lack of such. To help restore the balance, I come to you with a very fine tofu inspired dish, crispy and golden in its panko shell of which hides the glorious flavour sponge that is tofu within. I give you panko breaded tofu green curry. Enjoy!

Panko breaded tofu (serves 2-3)

Tofu, 350g
Panko, 1/2 cup
Brown rice flour, 2 tbsp
Non dairy milk (I used coconut milk), 1/2 cup
Rapeseed oil

  1. Press the tofu well. There are all sorts of guides on the internet who can explain this better, but basically, cover in paper towels and press the tofu with an evenly distributed weight (I’ll normally use something like a saucepan and then chuck a few cans in). When you are ready to use, dry the tofu of as much excess water as possible.
  2. Organise three plates with flour, milk and panko, with a fourth plate to place the breaded tofu.
  3. Slice your tofu, trying to keep the size as consistent as possible (use the flat side of your finger/see photo below for a rough guide).
  4. Now get yourself into a relaxed trance like state and repeat the mantra ‘flour, milk, panko’ ‘flour, milk, panko’. (whilst repeating this mantra do of course actually coat your tofu in this order).
    Panko tofu
  5. Heat a wide frying pan with enough oil to reach half way up the tofu until a few test breadcrumbs sizzle, but don’t burn. Fry your tofu until golden on both sides. You will likely lose a few breadcrumbs as you go, but ’tis no problem at all.
    Frying tofu
  6. Smack in a pita, serve with some sweet potato or, as I did, curry this crispy tofu right up!

Green curry sauce

I have adapted this green curry sauce recipe from This is a wonderful Guardian series that I would very much recommend you all check out.

I have no qualms about using a good quality curry paste. If one were to make a graph of time and practicality over quality (which I won’t bore you with), it seems to me that a ready made paste is ultimately the better option. But sometimes it’s that bit more fulfilling to make a whole meal in its entirety… and more to the point, we didn’t have any curry paste in!

Green curry paste (serves 2-3)

3 bird’s eye chillies
1 thumb chopped ginger/galangal (if you can get hold of it)
1 chopped lemongrass stalk
1 tsp lime zest
1 tbsp chopped coriander stems
1 tsp chopped red turmeric
1 chopped shallot
3 chopped garlic cloves
1 tsp salt

1 can of coconut milk
0.5 tsp soy sauce
0.5 tsp maple

  1. Pound the paste ingredients one by one in a pestle and mortar to start the process off. But from here feel free to use a food processor to bring it all together (again, if we consult our imaginary graph, in this day and age, it just doesn’t seem to me worth the time nor effort to make a paste entirely manually, unless you happen to be Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson. Hi Dwayne, thanks for reading). I found the paste didn’t quite meld together as one would expect from a curry paste, so if this is the case, just add a little oil and it should all work out nicely.
  2. Add your paste into a pre-heated pan and cook out for a few minutes. Slowly add your coconut milk (you may not need all of it, so just add as you need).
    Thai curry paste
  3. Simmer for ten minutes before adding the soy and maple. If this wasn’t a plant based blog I would be using things like shrimp paste and fish sauce, so one has to try and find alternatives. Simmer for another five minutes, tasting for seasoning and balance.
  4. Serve alongside your tofu and a side of rice and dig in.
    Panko breaded tofu green curry

And there we have it, a beautiful panko breaded tofu curry. A really enjoyable meal that the whole family enjoyed (well not my mum who can’t eat anything that has even the mildest hint of chilli in it.)


 Thanks for reading, especially you Dwayne.

Happy saturdays everybody.

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