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food, recipes / 25.02.2017

So I was thinking how despite the name of my blog, a name that would fairly suggest a level of tofu and tempeh based recipes, that I have posted a disappointingly and rather confusing lack of such. To help restore the balance, I come to you with a very fine tofu inspired dish, crispy and golden in its panko shell of which hides the glorious flavour sponge that is tofu within. I give you panko breaded tofu green curry. Enjoy! Panko breaded tofu (serves 2-3) Tofu, 350g Panko, 1/2 cup Brown rice flour, 2 tbsp Non...

food, recipes / 19.01.2017

I have never really understood steamed vegetables. When I see people serve their dinner with what I have always assumed was just a lazy helping of steamed potatoes and carrots, it just seemed like such a waste to me. Fair enough, steaming is usually the optimum cooking method with regard to retaining nutrients that are often lost during the cooking process, but I always try to strike the balance between optimising both flavour and nutrition. But I wanted to give the steamed vegetable a fair shot, and so sought to come up with...