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Travel Tuesdays! Travel Like a Foodie

With the advent of President Trump, the downright miserable weather and of course the changing shape of Toblerone*, this week has left little to celebrate. Thankfully I am on hand with the introduction of Travel Tuesdays (starting next week, I am aware I write this on a Friday!). *I realise this may be an insular reference, but trust me, people are losing their sh*t over it!

One of my ambitions is to live the life of a nomad. Taking my work with me, funding my travels not just as a welcome break from my regular life, but rather to be my life. I wish to blog as I go, learning from others, eating fine plant-based foods the world has to offer. But who knows what the future will hold, I mean, I might decide to run for president, turns out anyone stands a chance. After all, I have no political experience, I am an avid Apprentice viewer and of course, I am a massive racist!

Anyway, I am currently far from starting this section of my life and so for now, Travel Tuesdays will offer something a little different.

In 2014, I undertook a little solo trip around Europe. Upon my return I penned my adventures into the (not) bestselling ‘Travel Like a Foodie, The Experiences of a Socially Awkward Foodie Traveling Europe’. I know, catchy title!

I will be uploading weekly sections from the book every Tuesday in a move critics are calling ‘pure altruism’ and ‘kindness, the like not seen since Jesus’. This will become known as Travel Tuesday.

Or you know, you could buy the book for yourself via Amazon. I mean it’s up to you and all that, but perhaps you should start actually supporting your artists rather than downloading their stuff for free! (jokes.. I’m not bitter, at least mummy brought my book.. and she loved it, and since when has a Jewish mother ever been biased towards her children!)

So forget Trump, forget Brexit, forget Toblerone, Travel Tuesdays is coming soon, it’s all going to be alright…

I should mention about the book. Two years ago, and in particular two years ago, whilst holidaying, I was far from following a plant based diet. It’s quite stark the difference in my changing eating habits. But the recipes on this page will compensate for the lack of plant based eatery as seen in the book.

So till the next time, I do hope you enjoy your weekly segments. I thank you once more for joining me here at Tofu and Tempeh and I wish you a lovely day/evening, depending on your time zone/time of reading.


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