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Veganism vs Plant-Based (My first post!)

Firstly, I wish to thank all of you for checking out Tofu&Tempeh. Mum if you know anyone else who may be interested, please do spread the word.

So, I wanted to kick things off with a bit of an introduction. Telling all you fine folk what you can expect from this blog and why I decided to start this blog in the first place.

I was reluctant to label this blog a vegan blog because, well frankly I’m not (yet) a vegan. Instead I’m just someone who follows a plant based diet mainly owed to my belief that this is the healthiest way of eating.

To me, Veganism is a lifestyle choice, a holistic approach to living, diet being just one aspect of this. 90% of the time I eat nothing but plants but I am yet to fully dedicate myself completely to a plant based diet. I realise and accept that if I am going for a Thai meal, shrimp paste is likely to be used. If I go for a curry, I assume most dishes are garnished with a splash of ghee. If I’m invited to a family function, I don’t like to impose my dietary preferences on others and have them cook me something separate. If I am eating out at a nice restaurant, or if the menu is limited for me, I may well get the fish. If there is nothing in for a quick lunch or I just don’t feel like all that chopping that plant based eating so often entails, I might well have a fried egg or two. So that’s where I am at the moment.

But as I continue in my journey, as I educate myself on the other aspects of veganism, I aim to increase my plant based eating into full blown veganism.

As I say, veganism to me is not just a diet, but more a way of life and I am not yet fully immersed in this. I still wear leather for example. Anyway, aside from this, I also don’t like avocado nor banana, nor do I practice yoga; and let’s face it, everyone knows these are vegan essentials! This then is a plant based blog, with the view to becoming a vegan blog sometime in the future.

I think people view plant-based eating as a limited, exclusionary diet that is to be endured. I hope to show otherwise by sharing recipes and reviewing vegan products.

As well as this, I wish to use this blog as a mouthpiece and start a dialogue with the vegan community and beyond. I want to learn from you, not just in terms of recipes, but also from your reasons and motivations for following the lifestyle you do. I want to build a friendly space where people can share tips and help each other in achieving the life they want.

For the travel aspect of Tofu and Tempeh, as I am as far away from actually travelling at the moment as could be (I write this in my pyjamas, under my duvet in my bedroom, in my parent’s house, I think with the same sheets on I’ve had since I was about ten!… just to be clear, they have been washed since then, mummy does it once a week!), I shall be positing segments of my book ‘Travel like a Foodie’ (still available on Amazon ;)) on a weekly basis. Written in my pre-plant-based life, it is quite interesting to see just how my diet has changed. As well as this, the book was a big seller.. everyone in my (immediate) family has a copy, well apart from my younger sister and older brother who only seems to read books on entrepreneurs and business. But hey, 4/6 ain’t bad!

Anyway, thank you for reading, I look forward to starting this blogging journey together and seeing where it takes us.

I’d love to hear from you and start that dialogue, either publicly in the comment box below, or please feel free to contact me privately via the contact page and I shall do my best to help or simply be a listening ear (if that’s even an expression, I can’t decide..).

Thanks very much for reading, the real blogging shall commence in the very near future. See y’all then.


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